Electronically sort and collate related documents and imprint optical recognition marks to drive folder-stuffer-sealer devices to take the labor out of outbound mail preparation.  Output is address-validated and presorted, ready to take advantage of bulk mail rates.  DocAgent Capture transforms inbound mail into classified digital documents, indexed and ready for paperless business process workflows.

  • Automatically Burst / Sort / Collate documents at print-time
  • Save money on postage and document delivery
  • Utilize Folder/Stuffer / Folder/Sealer technology for time savings
  • Deliver documents to individuals automatically

What is SmartMerge?

SmartMerge is a mailroom automation solution that electronically sorts and pre-assembles related documents of different formats, enables folder/stuffer/sealer technology, and reduces the cost of postage and handling.

Complex document sets are commonly printed separately by enterprise software which requires significant manual assembly time and expense and delays delivery to end users. SmartMerge helps optimize your production and delivery processes.

How SmartMerge Works

Multiple print job outputs are designated for merging and sorting through a business rules definition interface. Then, every time the print jobs are executed by your enterprise application software, the output is automatically merged and sorted according to specification.

Pages of different formats can be pulled from different drawers to create unique document sets. For example, checks can be printed on special safety stock and attachments can be printed on plain paper using different color stock where required.

Finished ordered documents are then ready for folding and sealing and efficient distribution.

User Benefits

Reduced labor costs and improved accuracy accrue from the elimination of tedious, repetitive manual processes of sorting and assembling documents for distribution. An average savings of $0.08 per item can result in a speedy pay back for high-volume mail applications. Getting needed paperwork to production and shipping departments faster can result in significant efficiency improvements. Faster delivery of invoices can shorten the billing cycle thereby improving cash flow. The bulk of processing which can be automated completes while you’re handling the few exceptions!

Next Steps

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