Reimagine Business Mobile

Consider how Mobile will impact our business lives in the near future

Mobile technology is dramatically changing how, when, and where we get things done.  It will have perhaps the most profound impact of any technology in our lifetimes, on the order of magnitude of the mainframe, PCs, and the internet. The most radical impact so far has been in personal mobile technology, enabling us to organize and access information including intelligence, historical facts, location, and social commentary anytime, anywhere we need it to make more informed decisions and take care of tasks in the moment.  But we're just on the leading edge of the massive wave of innovation that's to come, both in our personal and business lives.

In this series we'll have a little fun and stretch our minds to imagine how the mobile technology that is transforming our personal lives is likely to impact our business lives in the near future.  We've created a series of tongue-in-cheek images of people engaged in extreme sports and leisure pursuits carrying mobile devices using DocAgent business apps that allow them to take care of business in between their personal activities.  This concept was inspired by GoPro whose tiny cameras are enabling high-quality video and still image capture of activities from perspectives never before possible.

In a similar way, mobile technology is enabling us to get business done faster, wherever we need to, by powerful new methods. The combination of big data, high-speed powerful analytics, business process automation, simplified content management and rapidly advancing mobile technologies are inspiring new possibilities for higher levels of performance and service.

We'll be discussing each extreme use case image and correlating it to real-life business applications. Enjoy the slideshow, and imagine how you will employ these technologies to raise your personal performance at work.

Imagine More Engaged Customers

Imagine More Effective Employees

Imagine a More Responsive, Results-Driven Business