DocAgent Mobile

Mobile Solutions for Enterprise-Class Document Management

Beyond File Sharing

Today's complex business enterprises need intelligent document management solutions with capabilities far beyond file sharing apps for personal document interchange, increasingly gaining in popularity today.  While the rapid adoption of apps is an indicator that more efficient methods of exchanging information are needed now, these apps lack the robustness and security demanded for being responsive to customers and conducting secure business transactions on any platform, wherever the knowledge worker might be.

The DocAgent Mobile Platform by Digital Designs, coupled with Business Process Automation solutions for the Enterprise, solves this problem and provides a unified architecture for securely managing the sensitive intellectual capital contained in business documents.

Automated Capture at the Point of Origin

High-volume print runs by ERP systems generate tens of thousands of customer- and employee-facing business documents. The DocAgent Print Transformation Engine converts these print data streams into pre-indexed, secured digital documents for immediate availability on any authorized desktop or mobile device. In addition to improving responsiveness and speed to market this touchless process eliminates mailroom handling and physical document distribution costs.

Mobile Document Capture for upload into secure cloud document repositories adds a new dimension to improving speed and efficiency of capturing critical business information.

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