Reduce labor and cycle times, save on forms costs and improve bottom-line performance with FormServer by Digital Designs.

  • Print checks and other forms fully formatted on plain check stock or office paper
  • Print / Sort / Collate / Distribute
  • Deliver documents faster and improve performance

What is FormServer?

FormServer is a laser printing solution which links traditional application output to electronic overlays, enabling companies to replace costly pre-printed forms with efficient laser forms.


FormServer creates an audit report to record processed print jobs. Dual-Key security allows print jobs to be run only when the designated persons initiate the process simultaneously. MICR encoding, signature level controls, and non-negotiable copying enable secure check printing.

How FormServer Works

FormServer re-formats original application output and merges it with electronic overlays, page segments, signatures, and logos to fit any generic form stock. These converted files are then sent to any designated local and/or remote printers. Printer load balancing is achieved by assigning multiple printer output queues. When the print job exceeds a threshold output volume, the pages are distributed evenly among multiple printers.

User Benefits

Electronic overlays, when merged with host application data, create high-quality documents printable on inexpensive generic sheet stock, increasing flexibility and generating savings on design, management, and inventory. Companies printing statements and policies can utilize copy-specific backs for terms and conditions.

Electronic document management enables automated routing of copies to internal departments, customers, and document archive and retrieval systems, saving labor and delivery time to end users. Labor hours are also greatly reduced by the superior reliability of this laser solution, as well as the enabling of folder/sealer, folder/stuffer technology.

The check printing function includes enhanced security, audit trail/positive pay transaction file, multiple account management, PostNET bar code addressing for self-mailer documents, and voucher overflow while allowing you to print on single secure check stock.

By complying with Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) standard, FormServer provides a highly manageable environment for advanced presentation applications, and assures accurate and complete printed output.


Output Management


Case Studies

Bentley Mills
Boyd Gaming
The Cosmopolitan
Fontainebleau Miami Beach


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Secure Form Printing
Laser Form Production
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Next Steps

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