Help File - DocAgent.NET

You have reached this page due to an error we are working on, or because of a DocAgent outage.  We sincerely apologize, and are hard at work to get you back up and running.

This could also happen due to possibly one of the following:

  • You may have keyed the URL incorrectly, please verify that the address you entered is the correct one.  Be sure that the URL follows this syntax:

  • A referring link may have been incorrect. If you are accessing DocAgent through a company portal, please inform your supervisor that the referring link is incorrect.

In the meantime, there are several things you can do to find what you need:

  • Contact your direct supervisor or the help line, as indicated on the Login page of DocAgent.

If all else fails, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy to help you get the information you need.

Tutorial for DocAgent Login

Step 1

Enter your User ID and Password, provided by your System Administrator, at the sign on screen.

The first time you sign on you will be asked to change you password and select and answer a password question, which will be used to verify your identity if you need your password reset.

Step 2

Enter your New Password, minimum 1 character, maximum 30. The password is case-sensitive.
Select a Password Question. Enter an answer to the question.
Press 'Enter'.

**If you forget your password, click 'Forgot Password' on the sign on screen. You will be prompted to answer your password question. Once this is done your password will be reset to your default password.
A screen will appear to confirm your password has been changed.

Step 3

Click the Continue icon.

Step 4

Sign on with your User ID and New Password. The password is case-sensitive.

Step 5

Click on the relevant item under 'E-Documents' on the left menu.

Step 6

A list of documents available for your viewing appears. Click the icon under 'TYPE'. You will be asked to enter your document password if the document is password protected.

Step 7

Enter your document password (if required) and the document will display in the Document Viewer. Once you are finished reviewing documents, click 'Logout' to end your session.