DocAgent for System I


DocAgent for System I transforms traditional print document delivery into digital document workflows.  Working in the background, DocAgent can handle any combination of a variety of delivery methods including print, fax, email, archive, web and XML.  Each recipient receives documents via their preferred delivery method.  Savings on production, sorting and collating, handling and delivery are dramatic.

You don't have to change existing enterprise applications - just set up the business rules one time using the friendly user interface, and DocAgent takes care of the rest every time your business processes generate documents.

What is DocAgent for System I?

DocAgent for System I is a business-rules-based solution which quickly and efficiently distributes high volume mission-critical documents and reports to trading partners and stakeholders via email or secure server.


DocAgent allows selective encryption of email attachments to ensure that they are viewed only by the intended recipients. Passwords are securely managed and exclusively associated with each individual email address. The attachment cannot be viewed without first entering the recipient’s unique password.

When DocAgent optionally routes documents to the DocAgent for Web archive system for Internet viewing, the user logs in to a secure Web server to retrieve documents. The user is presented with a "tree" view of only the document categories that he or she is authorized to view. The user can then drill down to retrieve the required document based upon pre-established indexing and search criteria.

How DocAgent Works

E-Business document output is segmented and merged with electronic overlays by Digital Design's laser printing solution, FormServer. When internet delivery is specified, DocAgent converts the document to the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), attaches it to an email message and immediately delivers it to any email inbox in the world.

DocAgent also has an Application Program Interface (API) which receives a print file name and an email address as input parameters and delivers print file as an email attachment. This command can be run interactively or integrated into your application to provide electronic delivery output for existing jobs. An OS/400-style user interface allows the selection of a particular application output file from a list for immediate interactive distribution.

User Benefits

Enterprise application output is segmented and delivered directly to any email inbox, almost instantly, ready for online viewing. The attachments are transformed into the universal Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) which can be printed in perfect fidelity on any attached local or networked printer.

Instant delivery to end users dramatically reduces postage, handling, and printing costs associated with printed output. As business demands for electronic documents grow over the next several years, your savings will increase proportionately.

Document distribution rule exception handling allows a phased-in implementation approach as employees, customers, and vendors indicate delivery preferences.


Output Management



Email Document Delivery
Fax Output
Web Presentation
Document Archives
XML Output

Next Steps

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