Infor Addresses the Art of Collaboration in a Multi-Channel World

Article: Kirstin A. Webb

During a recent interview on CXO Talk, Chip Coyle, Chief Marketing Officer of Infor, sat down to discuss his responsibilities as CMO. In addition, he elaborated on Infor's ideology, branding strategies, the importance of digital influence, the multi-channel user experience, and internal and external collaboration initiatives.

Two years ago, Infor, a leading provider of enterprise software, underwent an executive leadership overhaul under Charles Phillips, the Chief Executive Officer. With over 13,000 employees and 70,000 customers worldwide, establishing a remarkable executive lineup was paramount for the organization. Within that team, Phillips entrusted Coyle with the task of overseeing the end-to-end marketing operations.

Coyle acknowledged the challenges that the marketing and product development team continue to face with the existence of the multiple channels and devices their customers engage with on a daily basis.

Knowledge workers are connected. They have laptops, cellphones, and tablets at work. And, they expect to be as efficient and productive on the job as they are in their personal lives. That's why Coyle and his marketing team place a strong focus on creating a seamless interaction experience for their clients with persistent, customer-inspired product developments. He expounded on the necessity to constantly add value to whatever it is that the client wants to do: "It's all about speed to value. How quickly can you demonstrate value and then continue to build on that and iterate."

Aside from maintaining digital relevance through collaboration, Coyle expressed the significance of being high-touch in a high-tech society. "There's no replacement for being live and high-touch with your customers. How do you leverage the high-tech and the high-touch?" Often companies place priority on technology and lose sight of the personal touch needed to establish genuine trust and loyalty among prospects and clients. Placing an emphasis on reaching out to, connecting with, and being accessible for your customers, is one of the most distinctive characteristics a software solution provider can adopt to stand out among its competition.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of Infor, its marketing engine, and the importance of collaboration, be sure to check out the interview. Coyle provides invaluable insight for marketers, executives, and knowledge workers alike.

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