Digital Designs meets Infor and Kofax on the Golf Course - Reimagine Business Mobile


(This is the second entry in the "Reimagine Business Mobile" series by Digital Designs.)

A lot of business is conducted on the golf course, especially at the 19th hole. Driving opportunity these days means engaging customers in more meaningful interactions. Mobile technology offers easy on-demand access to contextual business content and intelligence. 

Say your organization runs an ERP solution such as Infor.  When you're interacting with a customer, DocAgent Mobile can deliver all content relating to your customer's business activity to the palm of your hand giving you command of the conversation and accelerating the pace of getting business done.

Kofax Mobile Capture enables you to securely capture content using your mobile device as a scanner in your pocket to initiate business processes at the point of interaction and kick off an automated workflow back at the office.    

DocAgent connects enterprise systems with content and processes to complete the cycle of automated capture and delivery of business information. Contact us at Digital Designs to learn more about how you can closely couple your Infor enterprise system with your content and processes using DocAgent and Kofax Mobile Capture for higher service levels, greater visibility and improved financial performance.

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John Queen
Digital Designs
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