Must-Read: Mobile Strategy by Dirk Nicol

Mobile Strategy:  How Your Company Can Win by Embracing Mobile Technologies, by IBM's Dirk Nicol, should be on the desk (or virtual desk!) of every business executive, not just that of the CTO.  With an accelerating economics-driven shift to cloud and mobile, there is likely to be explosive transformation in business computing over the next three years.  But, how can you manage such rapid technological change?  Mobile Strategy gives you the roadmap.  

Nicol is the Program Director for IBM Mobile Strategy and Product Management and has spent his career developing and driving new mobile and consumer-based emerging technologies into the marketplace.  He previously led IBM's cloud standards program and was product management lead for IBM's social application development tools.  Nicol shares his considerable experience and offers best practices based on real-world enterprise case studies and insights into evaluating mobile technologies, managing security threats, supporting BYOD, and integrating mobile, cloud, social, and big data.

Mobile Strategy is available from IBM Press Books as a PDF or paperback and from Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats.  (There's a code in the back of the hard copy that will give you free access to the PDF version.)  You can see Dirk on YouTube discussing the latest trends in enterprise mobility and how we're moving to a new agile model of software development that is bringing together cloud, collaboration, big data and mobile technologies.  

Mobile Strategy is a must-read for anyone interested in leveraging mobile technology to increase customer engagement, improve business performance, raise service levels, and reduce operating costs.  You'll find it to be a handy guide for preparing your organization for the mobile future, and that future will arrive faster than you might imagine.

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