What will Charles Phillips' Keynote Reveal at Inforum 2013?


A year ago at Inforum 2012 Infor CEO Charles Phillips delivered a compelling keynote address describing how he and the management team at Infor (many of whom, like himself, had been there only a little over a year) had developed a simplified architecture that enabled Infor to deliver solutions "Specialized by Industry" and "Engineered for Speed".  (See blog, Infor's Standards-Based Strategy for Dominating the Enterprise.)  The core architecture, originally conceived by Soma Somasundaram, EVT, Global Product Development, and his team is named "ION" for Integrated Open Architecture.  ION combines cross-industry services such as user interface, analytics, master data management, reporting, and mobility into a common lightweight middleware package.  The promise of the architecture is the ability to deliver in-context business intelligence to the point of interaction and also to liberate IT professionals and enterprise solution users from the agony of expensive, time-consuming upgrades and third-party solution integration.  (You can view the full keynote address on Infor's site or on YouTube.)

Phillips reported dramatic improvements in the pace of innovation and product releases over the last year and announced an aggressive roadmap of planned releases over the course of 2012.  How well have they performed?  Is ION living up to its hype?  What obstacles and victories has Infor experienced?  What's on the roadmap for 2013 and beyond?  All these questions will no doubt be answered in Phillips' Inforum 2013 keynote.  You won't want to miss it!

All of this is of special interest to us at Digital Designs because we recognize the power this architecture holds for our customers, most of whom are interested in implementing secure mobile apps across the enterprise.  If you're attending Inforum 2013, be sure to visit Digital Designs at Booth #900 where we'll be showcasing secure mobile content capture, image perfection, and delivery solutions and how they can be rapidly enabled using loosely-coupled technologies like Infor ION.  If you're not attending, follow this blog for pre-conference announcements, live conference coverage and post-conference summaries.  Hope to see you at Inforum 2013!

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