Inforum 2013 - See Secure Mobile Content Capture and Delivery Solutions for Infor at Booth #900

Mobile technology is enabling the workforce to become more agile and more mobile.  Smart process applications demand that business content be captured earlier in the process, ideally at the point of origination.  It's no longer acceptable to wait until you get back to the office to get critical business information into the system.  

Imagine using your smart device to capture related documents and meta data in the field or at a customer location and immediately submitting all related content to a prescribed structured workflow to initiate a business process.  New business intelligence and content becomes almost instantaneously accessible to any other decision maker or process.  

But how secure is the capture of content on a smartphone or tablet?  Isn't it susceptible to social media sharing and persistence on the camera roll?

Visit with Digital Designs at Booth #900 at Inforum 2013 to see secure Kofax Mobile Capture in action.  Learn how business policies are enforced at the device level and how captured content is isolated from the camera roll, encrypted, and forwarded to a secure server with a rules engine that can kick off a workflow.

Ask about integration with ION, Infor's Intelligent Open Network, for leveraging Infor's innovative open-standards-based middleware to propagate captured content for in-context on-demand business intelligence.

Hope we'll see you at Booth #900 at Inforum 2013!

Until next time,

John Queen
Digital Designs
"Moving Business Beyond Paper "