Inforum 2013 - What will we learn about Gartner's Top 4 Priorities for CIO's?

In Gartner's webinar,"Mobile Trends and Issues from 2013 to 2016"Nick Jones reports that the top 2013 CIO priorities are ordered as follows:

     #1 - Analytics and Business Intelligence

     #2 - Mobile Technologies

     #3 - Cloud Computing

     #4 - Collaboration Technologies

At Inforum 2012 Infor rolled out its innovative new Infor 10 Architecture for the future of the enterprise.  What Infor products address the core initiatives of Gartner-surveyed CIOs?

  1. Infor's new architecture's common services, storage and delivery systems are designed for the needs of the future by fusing in-context business intelligence into the knowledge workers UX.
  2. "Infor Motion 10" is the mobile solutions platform based on loosely-coupled data and services for rapid development and provisioning.  Infor clearly recognizes the power of mobile to make intelligence pervasive throughout the enterprise and beyond and set forth an aggressive mobile roadmap.
  3. Infor already has over 2,000,000 users taking advantage of their cloud services to relieve internal resources and leverage current technologies.  The cloud promises cost-effective rapid growth potential not subject to IT backlogs and without requiring a proportional expansion of human resources.
  4. "Applications that tweet" and the presentation of relevant external social media to enhance the understanding of situations and speed and improve the quality of decision-making were exciting concepts described last year.

What new innovations will be revealed about at Inforum 2013?  If you're as interested as we are, you'll want to learn more.  

If you are attending Inforum 2013, be sure to visit Digital Designs at Booth #900 and see demos of some cool mobile technology for Infor users.  If not, stay tuned for progress reports and insights.

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