Eliminating Paper, Welcoming Change: The Online Experience at Peabody Hotels

Article: Kirstin A. Webb

If you have any doubts about the power of revitalizing your company's payroll and tax processes through a paperless initiative, this is the article for you. Late last year, Kevin Smith, the Sales Director at Digital Designs, snagged a phone interview with Brian Seays, the Regional IT Director at Peabody Hotel Group. If you aren't yet familiar with the company, Peabody Hotel Group is the provider of luxury hotel accommodations for travelers in the Memphis, Tennessee, Little Rock, Arkansas, and Orlando, Florida area. The hotels offer five-star service, but are most largely known for their ducks.

Peabody Duck History

As the Memphis, Tennessee's website explains, "In the 1930s, General Manager Frank Schutt began a Peabody tradition…[after] returning from a weekend hunting trip in Arkansas. [He] and his friends thought it would be humorous to leave some of their live duck decoys, which were legal at the time, in the beautiful Peabody fountain." The ducks were placed in the fountain and the guests were immediately drawn to them.

In 1940, a circus animal trainer offered to care for the ducks and taught them to march into the Lobby. Since that time, the "Peabody Duck March" has been an extension of the Peabody Hotel brand. Many celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, the late Patrick Swayze, Paula Deen, and Larry King have visited their hotels and assumed the role of honorary Duckmaster, leading the ducks to the lobby and back to their rooftop suite at five in the evening.

Why Peabody Needed a Change                                     

Needless to say the hotel's innovative spirit lives on and was one of the driving forces in their decision to hire Digital Designs to assist in their transition to paperless pay stubs and W-2s. During the interview Mr. Seays explained, "After having a few conversations with [Kevin Smith] specifically and learning a little bit more about your product and its scalability and just its availability in the market, it was very quick and easy for us to see that it had value to us."

According to Shirley, an iSeries programmer for Peabody, the company wanted to stop printing things to save money. Seays explained that he and the Peabody Hotel Group were certain that Digital Designs' solutions held value ranging from "cost savings from both the printing and mailing of W-2s for both existing employees and past employees [and] the labor savings for payroll teams to have to go back and research payroll check stubs."

Tailoring Solutions to Meet Peabody's Goals and Expectations                               

With the Peabody Hotel's challenges and goals in mind, Digital Designs tailored the perfect solution (DocAgent Pay Stubs and W-2s Online) to reduce and ultimately eliminate their problem. Seays insisted that this was an investment that will have a long lasting impact on their company: "The concept is these are long term solutions. This is not a short term investment…this is a gold bond [type of investment]."

Digital Designs is pleased to have partnered with Peabody Hotels and we're excited about what the future holds for their company. Now it's your turn. Could your organization benefit from saving on the printing and processing of pay stubs and W-2s?

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