"Mobile Will 'Define' Technology" - Bloomberg West

Charles Giancarlo Interview - Bloomberg West - November 15, 2012

Charles Giancarlo Interview - Bloomberg West - November 15, 2012

In an interview on November 15th, 2012, Charles Giancarlo talked about trends in technology and the impact of mobile on the industry.  Giancarlo, managing director and head of value creation at private equity firm Silver Lake, with $14 billion in assets under management, is also chairman of Avaya, previously served as a senior executive at Cisco, and also served on the boards of Skype and Netflix. 

Giancarlo stated that mobile will continue to define many of the tech markets for the next several years and redefine winners and losers in semiconductors, software and apps, and also carriers, whose primary revenues have shifted from ground lines to wireless.  

With Dell's and Hewlett Packard's PC businesses struggling in the face of the end of the PC era, and Intel's CEO Paul Ottolini resigning as the semiconductor business shifts to mobile devices, we can see the impact of mobile technology on these industries.  

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