What Did You Say Digital Designs Does Again?

We are often asked just exactly what it is that we do at Digital Designs.  Many people outside of our industry aren't familiar with the problems that our customers face, and many of our customers aren't aware of the breadth of solutions and services that we offer.  Here's a brief overview of the growing issues our customers are dealing with and the value we deliver in helping address them.

You know how frustrating and time consuming it is when you've lost an important personal document at home, like maybe a record you need for preparing your personal taxes?  Well, that problem is amplified thousands of times at work every day.  And the problem's getting worse:  By 2020 the entire world’s knowledge is expected to double every 72 days!

At Digital Designs we are a provider of Enterprise Content Management Solutions.  That is, we help businesses manage documents and records more effectively by providing tools and services that enable them to move into real-time response digital content management and workflow solutions.  We cover a broad range of industries including hospitality and gaming, communication, manufacturing, distribution, government and education.  Our solutions include business process automation, digital document workflow, transactional capture and imaging, customer self-service and secure mobile device access.  

Speed and security are becoming more and more important in business because of globalization, regulatory compliance, identity theft and confidentiality leaks.  Digital Enterprise Content Management solutions offer the cure for the problem.  However, they are traditionally complex, expensive enterprise systems requiring heavy up-front capital expenditures. 

The emergence of Cloud Computing is changing that equation.  At Digital Designs we're harnessing the power of the Cloud to deliver Document Management as a Service at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Our objective is to eliminate as much paper as possible from our customers' business processes.  Now, we know paper's never going completely away, but it can be dramatically reduced, and that can save a lot of time, money and frustration.

Gartner, an industry analyst firm, says that enterprise content management is one of the top four applications moving into the cloud today along with communications, collaboration and customer relationship management.

Here are some of the reasons:

1.  Information is exploding - doubling almost every year - and that pace is accelerating.

2.  Business document volumes alone are growing at a compound rate of 22% per year.  

3.  30% of our productivity is being lost due to the overwhelm of business content.

4.  Regulatory compliance is imposing new requirements on businesses to manage sensitive information more securely and effectively.

5.  Document management is not directly related to producing and delivering products and services, and businesses are having to focus their limited resources on those critical core functions.

6.  IT has reached a state of complexity that is making it difficult to meet the increasing demands of the global economy.  According to AIIM, the Association of Information and Image Management, in 2010, 85% of IT spending went to maintaining legacy applications leaving only 15% for new applications and innovation.  

The cloud gives us a way of managing complexity while scaling massively as business expands in the future.  Businesses will be able to push their digital content into secure cloud storage and provide access on-demand in real-time to authorized knowledge workers and other value chain stakeholders on a 24x7x365 basis.  This capability dramatically improves the time-to-value of business innovation initiatives in meeting the demands of the new global economy.

Until next time,

John Queen