Document Management in the Cloud: The Future of Business? - Information Explosion Driving Cloud Computing.

Bloomberg West (a show on the Bloomberg TV network) had a couple of interesting and relevant interviews yesterday.  Stacy Smith, Intel's CFO, discussed Intel's performance and future strategy.  Although their business has flattened recently because of soft demand in the U.S. and Western Europe for PCs, they see the build-out of cloud data centers as something that will drive business for them with no end in sight.  

One interesting statistic that Smith pointed to is the fact that in 2010 bits across the internet was more than the entire history of the internet up to 2010!  That increase in content is, to a great degree, driving cloud data center growth.  Smith also stated that emerging markets is where the growth will come from during the next few years.  As the middle class rises emerging nations there will come a flood of demand for devices that can access all of the information on the internet that will be so valuable to them.  

Intel is not currently in the smartphone and tablet market, but that is a market that is adjacent to their traditional markets that they plan to expand into.  Their plan it to penetrate it in the same way that they captured the Apple Mac market:  provide the best performance in any given power envelope, and over time they will win the market.  Intel is currently developing a smartphone with partner ZTE.

The second interview was with Dana Settle with Greycroft Partners, the firm that represented the Huffington Post in their acquisition by AOL.  They're betting heavily on digital media's accelerated growth in the future.  YouTube currently has one half billion monthly uniques, and Netflix has over 20 million subscribers with 60% of them streaming video.  She expects YouTube, Netflix and iTunes to become huge competitors for network television in the future.  Settle mentioned Pulse, by Alphonso Labs, as the next big news go-to site on the web, but she said it's content consumption in general, not just news that will drive the growth.  The fact that it is so inexpensive to create content these days is another driving force in the rise of digital media.

So what does all this portend for enterprise document management?  We can expect to experience the same kind of growth.  According to John Mancini, the president of AIIM, business document volume is growing at a compound annual rate of 22%.  Because of the explosion of volume and the increasing complexity of managing disparate systems, businesses are outsourcing more and more non-core business functions such as document management.  Business documents will also become more intelligent and contain multimedia content and broadcast that content to related documents and authorized users who need to assimilate business knowledge from multiple sources.  Marrying this content to business analytics and serving up intelligent context sensitive information for better business decision making will be a driving force of document management in the cloud in our future.

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John Queen