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Sheree Dietz-Mitchum is the winner of the Fujitsu ScanSnap giveaway for March 2011.

It's evident from the responses that we've received that many of you are thinking more and more about going paperless.  If you're using Digital Designs' DocAgent Paperless Solutions at work, you can imagine the advantages of applying the same technology at home.

Here's how Sheree said she would "ScanSnap" if she won:

"Being a pack rat of epic proportions, a master flat file collector, and a sentimental Momma I would scan, archive and store my son's school work.  The desk and table in my home office (buffet in dining room too) is covered with stacks of sentimental papers (yes I have his first scribble).  By the time he graduates college I fear I will be covered in the "Priceless Art", the "I love you Momma's", completed worksheets, tests, report cards, and "notes from the teacher :-(" as I document his road to adulthood.  A scanner might be just what the Clutter Police would order."

Sherree L. Dietz-Mitchum

You can also learn more about the ScanSnap scanner and join the ScanSnap Community at Fujitsu's ScanSnap Community website.

Until next time,

John Queen