How Social Media will Drive Enterprise IT into the Cloud. - IBM PartnerWorld Keynote Address by Geoffrey Moore

Last week at the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference, Geoffrey Moore gave a compelling presentation on the fundamental shift that is taking place in enterprise IT.  You can view the keynote on demand at IBM's PartnerWorld site.  He argues that for the last 50 years we have been building what he calls "systems of record," and during the next 50 years we will be building something different:  "systems of engagement." 

Moore states that there are three drivers of this shift:  universal access, immersive media, and mobility.  He mentions what he calls "The Millennial's Lament":  "How can I be so powerful as a consumer and so lame as an employee?  I can figure out who sat behind me in the 1st grade but I can't figure out who's our most important customer."

These systems naturally want to live in the cloud.  When the network gets to be as fast as the bus used to be, then the data center becomes the computer.  The cloud is the natural evolution of computing systems: becoming more powerful, more secure, more elastic, and more efficient.

Moore has been collaborating with John Mancini, the president of AIIM, and an AIIM committee researching the impact of this shift on Enterprise Content Management.  You can learn more about that effort in our previous blog about John Mancini's keynote address at January's Kofax Transform 2011 conference.  

The prospects for the future are exciting as we begin to apply technological breakthroughs to transforming business to become more competitive in the emerging global economy.

Until next time,

John Queen