Top 10 Things You Need to Know About Going Paperless at Work. - 7. Enable Self-Service

Enable Self-Service

(#7 of a series.)

In our last installment in this series we discussed the value of choosing a digital document management solution that enables simplified context-sensitive document access connectors for your existing enterprise business management solutions.  Today let's turn to one of the most powerful functions you can have in a paperless business solution:  self-service.

Self-Service means allowing your employees, customers, vendors, and trading partners authorized access to business documents.  Basically, you're empowering those people to access documents themselves, as needed, anytime of the day or night, anywhere they might be.  That means you don’t have to maintain support staffs spending their time retrieving documents for people who might need copies of them.  This is especially important as we move toward a more mobile workforce with people in the field working from home, selling to customers, and servicing customers.  (We'll talk more about that later.)  Plus, you're outsourcing the effort and production costs of providing a paper copy of the document.

Utility companies and banks, for example are beginning to take advantage of this capability by offering paperless statements for their customers.  Instead of going to the time and expense of printing and mailing hundreds of thousands of statements, they are urging their customers to "go green" and opt-in for paperless statements.  One of the things leading to the rapid adoption of self-service systems is the fact that everyone is becoming more and more comfortable with searching for information using tools like Google and Bing.  

The obvious advantages for business include the reduction of costs, an increase in speed and improved security.  One of our customers, a medium sized communications firm, reported that they are saving $100,000/year on forms and distribution costs alone by implementing a pay stub and W-2 self-service application.  So, look for opportunities in your organization to offer self service and be sure to select a digital document management solution that makes that a simple process.

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John Queen