Video Content Wave Gains Momentum

I recently had a problem with the chain on my road bike slipping and needed to adjust the rear derailleur.  Although I had a couple of books on bicycle maintenance, I decided to check out YouTube for a video on the subject.  I was amazed at the volume of content I discovered.  I was able to quickly find video instruction on my exact component system!  For comparison purposes I also searched for and found an instructional PDF from the component manufacturer.  But I found that watching the instructional video helped me understand the process much better than the written material.  

In today's rushed world it's becoming more and more difficult to distinguish what's important from the bombardment of noise from a multitude of media sources.  Our attention spans are growing shorter, and we're scanning for shortcuts for slogging through all of the information we have to contend with.  

That's one reason why more and more people are turning to video to find the information they need.  With video we combine sight and sound for greater impact enabling a faster, more condensed transfer of information.  It's no wonder that more and more people prefer to consume content in the video format.  We can expect to see an increasing amount of embedded video content in digital business documents in the future, and Digital Designs will be on the forefront of support for emerging document content requirements for our customers.

We also want to provide useful content in the format that our customers prefer and, at the same time, make it fun and entertaining.  It’s in that spirit that we have created a fictional story illustrating how our customers can gain personal advantage by engaging the full power of our paperless document solution technologies.  The video is only about two and a half minutes long and is published in a comic book style illustrated format.  Check it out by clicking on the link below, and give us your feedback via blog notes or "Contact" button.  We hope you enjoy our little video and maybe gain new insights into how you can leverage digital document technologies in your business.

Until next time,

John Queen