Cloud Storage News: Recap

In case you missed today's webcast, Josh Wolff of Windstream Hosted Solutions and John Queen of Digital Designs outlined some of the compelling reasons why organizations are moving document business processes, as well as an array of other solutions, into a SaaS Cloud offering.

Josh outlined different Storage options, ranging from a Tier 1 setup that is accessed regularly throughout the day, to a Tier 3 better suited for Cloud-based backup.  By strategically assessing current storage costs and business requirements, organizations can gain a greater understanding of potential savings of Cloud-based storage. 

John led a discussion the potential benefits of the Cloud and how Document Management in a SaaS model can simplify administration and eliminate the capital expense involved implementing in-house solutions.  He also mentioned future webcast events on topics such as Scanning and Intelligent Document Capture, Pay Stubs and W-2s Online, Healthcare Payment Processing, and Automated Accounts Payable Workflow.

If you would like to view the recording of today's webcast, please click below:

View Recorded Webcast - Cloud Storage News

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