The Paperless Office in the Cloud: The Future of Business? - Part 7: Three Additional Business Drivers: Simplicity, Mobility and Green

Three Additional Business Drivers: Simplicity, Mobility and Green

(#7 in a series.)


In prior installments we covered the top three business drivers of digital document management systems and cloud computing:  Cost, Speed and Security.  Now let's consider three additional important drivers:  Simplicity, Mobility and Green.


Complexity is one of the major inhibitors in the adoption of technology for cutting costs, improving business process workflow and increasing the security of business documents and data.  The complexity of enterprise information technology has reached critical mass, and the resultant backlog of projects and maintenance limits the ability to take advantage of available technology.  Additionally, resistance to change because of the complexity of many new business systems impedes adoption rates.  Cloud based digital document management solutions address these factors to offer access to business documents on a real-time basis with minimal impact to internal IT operations as well as seamless integration with existing business systems to simplify knowledge worker training.


75% of the workforce is expected to be mobile by 2011.  Flex time is becoming more and more common at work.  Smartphones, netbooks, tablet computers and kiosks are making Web access ubiquitous.  Knowledge workers are increasingly spending time working from home offices.  All of these shifts are fueling the urgency of providing not only access to business data through VPN tunnels into enterprise systems but also demanding real-time access to business documents.  The cost, speed and security advantages of cloud-based enterprise document management systems are accelerating the pace of deployment of mobile capabilities.


There is a growing awareness of the limits of natural resources as the population grows and we are confronted with rising fuel costs, air quality warnings and water usage restrictions.  The fragility of habitats and contamination of our ocean's resources are in the news as we watch the recovery efforts on television after an oil spill.  We are becoming more conscious of the need to recycle materials at home and at work.  Now we are making the connection that going green is not only good for maintaining the quality of our lives now and into the future, but it also dramatically cuts costs in the process.  That's one of the reasons you see so much emphasis on green initiatives today in business and government.

In our next installments we'll be examining each of these additional drivers of cloud computing and digital document management systems in greater detail.

Until then,

John Queen