Paperless Office Advances in 2009

Most experts agree that we'll never achieve a totally paperless office in our lifetimes, but we certainly can drastically reduce much of the paper that bogs down business processes.  Consider the breakthroughs some of our clients have experienced in the past year:

  • One large telecommunications company in upper New York State saved over $100,000 in paper production and distribution costs alone by going to paperless pay stubs.
  • Another client based in Minnesota reported savings of $75,000 per year after implementing paperless W-2s for employee self-service throughout their globally distributed chain of retail locations.

The trend toward lower cost hosting of digital documents in a software as a service business model is accelerating:  During 2009 we tripled the number of users enrolled in our secure hosting center and increased the number of hosted documents by a factor of 14!

Opt-in functionality for online W-2s was added in 2009 to automate the process of transitioning from paper to digital W-2s and provide compliance with governmental mandates.

Seamless integration with SAP, Oracle, Infinium and Infor was enhanced to provide faster and easier digital document management solution implementation.

Virtually all business sectors are leveraging the operational and cost advantages of digital document management.  New clients welcomed by Digital Designs in 2009 include K-12, healthcare, gaming, commercial real estate among others.

Where will your breakthroughs come from in 2010?  Let us help you evaluate the potential efficiencies and cost savings you can achieve this year by taking some simple steps to move to a more paperless environment.

John Queen