What’s New in Cloud Computing and Document Management?

If you want to know what will happen with business information applications in the future, look at what’s happening in personal applications.  This week let’s take a look at Google Apps.  Google Apps includes Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites, and “much more” (go to http://www.google.com/apps/ and click on “much more”), all delivered in the Cloud.  

While Microsoft Office usage remains flat, Google Apps adoption rates are climbing dramatically.  The reasons are lower application costs, more flexibility, less infrastructure, less administrative time and costs.  Sound familiar?  These are exactly the same drivers that influencing increasing adoption rates of Cloud Computing in business.  

Consider the growth and popularity of netbooks - the $199 to $399 compact light-weight laptops entering the market - currently comprising 25% of laptop sales.  They’re popular because they simplify life and provide robust access to the Web and cloud-based applications.  

The same trend for the same reasons is playing itself out in the business space:  moving non-core functions out of the enterprise.  Our clients are opting to store all kinds of documents in the cloud:  pay stubs, W-2s, reports, contracts, personnel records, student records, purchase orders, vendor invoices, and more.  

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John Queen