What’s New at Kofax

I recently returned from the Kofax Transform ’09 conference in San Diego held annually for partners and customers.  For those of you not familiar with the firm, Kofax plc (KFX) is the leading provider of document capture technologies.  As elsewhere in our ever-evolving technological world, many things have changed at Kofax the highlights of which were outlined in the keynote address by CEO Reynolds C. Bish.  Below is a summary of his presentation.

One of the fundamental changes made in the past year relates to the adoption of a hybrid go-to-market strategy.  When Bish was appointed CEO a couple of years ago he was charged with stabilizing the company and growing market share.  At that point all business was conducted through channel partners unlike Kofax’s competitors.  It was estimated that because many very large companies prefer to do business directly with the solution provider, the channels-only approach placed Kofax at a competitive disadvantage.  Now Kofax has a named list of large accounts to be handled by their direct sales force while at the same time focusing on strengthening channel partner performance for a win-win strategy.

In reviewing what Kofax does for customers and their fundamental value proposition, Kofax recognized that they primarily help customers by reducing costs, accelerating business processes, improving information quality, increasing customer satisfaction, and gaining competitive advantage.  They do that by automating what were previously paper-intensive and manual labor-intensive processes.   That allows customers to terminate or reassign many of the related redundant employees and realize a “blazing fast” return on investment.

As a result of that introspection, Kofax adjusted their vision statement which was formerly to be the leading provider of intelligent capture and exchange solutions.  Now they intend “to become the leading provider of document driven business process automation solutions.”  The distinction reflects their expanding presence beyond the back office to the point of transactions involving paper-intensive business processes, a worthy challenge for a leading technology company whose solutions are so right for business today.  You can learn more about Kofax at www.kofax.com.

Digital Designs is proud to be a Kofax partner and bring extreme value to our clients through business process document automation.  Stay tuned to our blog to learn more breaking news and how other organizations are leveraging digital document technologies.  To learn more about our solutions, visit our web site at www.ddilink.com.

John Queen