Infor Addresses the Art of Collaboration in a Multi-Channel World

During a recentinterview on CXO Talk, Chip Coyle, Chief Marketing Officer of Infor, sat down to discuss his responsibilities as CMO. In addition, he elaborated on Infor’s ideology and the importance of digital influence while providing invaluable insight for marketers, executives, and knowledge workers alike...

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Digital Designs meets Infor and Kofax on the Golf Course

A lot of business is conducted on the golf course, especially at the 19th hole. Driving opportunity these days means engaging customers in more meaningful interactions. Mobile technology offers easy on-demand access to contextual business content and intelligence. . . .

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Reimagine Business Mobile - Introduction

Mobile technology is dramatically changing how, when, and where we get things done. It will have perhaps the most profound impact of any technology in our lifetimes, on the order of magnitude of the mainframe, PCs, and the internet. . . .

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Must-Read: Mobile Strategy by Dirk Nicol

Mobile Strategy:  How Your Company Can Win by Embracing Mobile Technologies, by IBM's Dirk Nicol, should be on the desk (or virtual desk!) of every business executive, not just that of the CTO.  With an accelerating economics-driven shift to cloud and mobile, there is likely to be explosive transformation in business computing over the next three years.  But, how can you manage such rapid technological change?  Mobile Strategy gives you the roadmap. . . .

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5 Tips for Empowering Your Mobile Workforce

If you’re in the customer service business (and who isn't these days?!), you know that people are your greatest asset.  In a connected economy everyone in your entire workforce is an ambassador representing your organization's image and values to your customers and constituents and to the entire world. . . .

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Earth Day Comes to Charlotte

Ballantyne Corporate Park is hosting its 4th Annual Earth Day Event this Thursday, April 18 from 8:00 am–1:30 pm.

Neighbors in the surrounding area are encouraged to stop by Brixham Green Tent to interact with green vendors, listen to music from K104.7, purchase lunch from the Roaming Fork or Homegrown Crepe food trucks, and top it all off with...

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Inforum 2013 - See Secure Mobile Content Capture and Delivery Solutions for Infor at Booth #900

Mobile technology is enabling the workforce to become more agile and more mobile.  Smart process applications demand that business content be captured earlier in the process, ideally at the point of origination.  It's no longer acceptable to wait until you get back to the office to get critical business information into the system. . . .

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Inforum 2013 - What will we learn about Gartner's Top 4 Priorities for CIO's?

In Gartner's webinar, "Mobile Trends and Issues from 2013 to 2016"Nick Jones reports that the top 2013 CIO priorities are ordered as follows:

     #1 - Analytics and Business Intelligence

     #2 - Mobile Technologies

     #3 - Cloud Computing

     #4 - Collaboration Technologies . . . .

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Infor 10 Motion - What will be new at Inforum 2013?

In one of Inforum 2012's keynote addresses Infor president Duncan Angove and EVP, Global Products, Soma Somasundaram described Infor's powerful new "ION" (Integrated Open Network) middleware architecture.  "Infor 10 Motion" is ION's mobile solution platform.  By exchanging standards-based transaction meta data Infor 10 Motion enables rapid provisioning of enterprise-ready mobile apps. . . .

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What will Charles Phillips' Keynote Reveal at Inforum 2013?

A year ago at Inforum 2012 Infor CEO Charles Phillips delivered a compelling keynote address describing how he and the management team at Infor (many of whom, like himself, had been there only a little over a year) had developed a simplified architecture that enabled Infor to deliver solutions "Specialized by Industry" and "Engineered for Speed".  (See blog, Infor's Standards-Based Strategy for Dominating the Enterprise.) . . . .

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The Mobile Wave - Part 3: "The Demise of Paper"

Chapter 3 in The Mobile Wave is entitled "The Demise of Paper."  In this chapter Michael Saylor traces the history of print media from clay to paper and the disruptive changes along the way  that have accelerated the process of making information increasingly accessible to us (such as the printing press, desktop publishing and personal printers). . . .

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Worth Reading: The Mobile Wave - Part 2

(This is the second installment in a series of comments about Michael Saylor's book, The Mobile Wave:  How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything published in 2012.  Part 1 was published on March 6.)

Chapter 1 in the Mobile Wave is entitled "The Wave:  The Shape of the Wave."  In this chapter Michael Saylor discusses the origin and impact of technological revolutions and the disruptions that accompany them. . . .

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Riding The Mobile Wave: A View of Our Technological Future

Michael Saylor, Founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, a publicly traded business intelligence company (i.e., "Big Data"), describes himself as a technologist.  In the opening lines of his book titled The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything, he adds, “And technologists, by our nature, embrace change, radical change.’ . . . .

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Eliminating Paper, Welcoming Change: The Online Experience at Peabody Hotels

If you have any doubts about the power of revitalizing your company’s payroll and tax processes through a paperless initiative, this is the article for you. Late last year Kevin Smith, the Sales Director at Digital Designs, snagged a phone interview with Brian Seays, the Regional IT Director at Peabody Hotels. If you aren’t yet familiar with the company, Peabody Hotels is the provider of luxury hotel accommodations for travelers in the Memphis, Tennessee, Little Rock, Arkansas, and Orlando, Florida area. The hotels offer five star service, but are most largely known for their ducks.

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"Mobile Will 'Define' Technology" - Bloomberg West

In an interview on November 15th, 2012, Charles Giancarlo talked about trends in technology and the impact of mobile on the industry.  Giancarlo, managing director and head of value creation at private equity firm Silver Lake, with $14 billion in assets under management, is also chairman of Avaya, previously served as a senior executive at Cisco, and also served on the boards of Skype and Netflix.... 

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Infor's Standards-Based Strategy for Dominating the Enterprise

Infor is the third largest provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software behind SAP and Oracle with $2.8B in revenue and claims over 70,000 customers in 194 countries.  Infor has grown by acquisition and considers having "purpose built" industry-specific solutions a competitive advantage.  Now, with an executive level makeover in December 2010 and the recent acquisition of Lawson Software, they have a new strategy for dominating the ERP market....

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Mobile Business Document Capture - How Secure Are You?

Analyst firm Forrester projects that there will be 125 million tablets and a quarter of a billion smartphones in use globally by 2016!

Those are astounding numbers.  Virtually all knowledge workers already have smart mobile devices today, and they're finding creative ways to use them to get work done.  But business infrastructure and policies haven't caught up with this explosion in personal connectivity.  So knowledge workers, especially the latest generation to enter the job market, are using their own personal devices to respond to email, initiate and participate in business processes, and much more....

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Don't Want Your Sensitive Business Documents Going Social?

One of the biggest challenges facing business today is managing the security of sensitive business documents.  As knowledge workers improvise to increase mobility by loading mission-critical content on their mobile devices or in file sharing applications on the web, they are, in many cases, side-stepping IT strategy and company policy.  Why is this happening? ....

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Cloud Migration Accelerating

Yesterday, SAP announced its agreement to acquire Ariba Inc. for $4.3 billion as it races against Oracle to obtain a dominant position in cloud computing offerings, according to Bloomberg News.  This is SAP's second multi-billion dollar cloud computing acquisition - it acquired SuccessFactors, a cloud-based human resources solution provider last December for $3.4 billion....

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